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Factors that predispose young people to HIV infection in Kenya Schools   Francis Kirimi Kiara,F. N. Chege and E. M. Waiyaki

Factors that predispose young people to HIV infection in Kenya Schools

156 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book presents a vivid incisive exploration of the factors that continue to enable the spread of HIV infection in spite of the theoretical knowledge and awareness of the virus. The book is based from the voices of young people in educational institutions as the main focus supported by the voice of their teachers and parents. The main method used in data capture was descriptive survey method and triangulation as the main research technique to collate, analyse and validate data from several sources. The data collection tools included written questionnaires, incisive interviews, focus group discussions, observation schedules and documentary analysis. Data was analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively using basic descriptive statistics. The study findings indicate that HIV infections in are likely to soar among young people. The prevalence rates might increase further since notable variables such as pervasive abject poverty; traditional social cultural practices such as FGC; drug...
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