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Principles of esthetic dentistry   Pallvi Dhand Gupta,Deepa Thaman and Prashant Monga

Principles of esthetic dentistry

132 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
‘‘there is little doubt in the minds of many disfigured people that the general public hold negative attitudes towards them’’. A ‘‘blemished’’ person feels marked, not because they are not beautiful in some ideal sense, but because they do not reach a minimum standard of acceptability. Patients, unhappy with the appearance of their teeth, will often demonstrate signs of their dissatisfaction to the dentist by avoiding eye contact, tensing the oral musculature or covering their mouth with a hand when speaking so the objectives of Cosmetic Dentistry must be to provide the maximum improvements in aesthetics with the minimum trauma to the dentition.Although aesthetic dentistry is as much an art form as a science, there are several guiding principles that can dramatically improve the success of aesthetic treatment.This book describes in detail the principles or guidelines that should govern the decision- making process of the aesthetic dental treatment, so as to provide the best...
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