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An Enjoyment of Education   Mike Douse

An Enjoyment of Education

80 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Education is all about enjoyment and fulfilment. It is frequently confused with training, to the detriment of both. This manifesto confronts the marketplaces’ colonisation of the classroom and defies the nobly-intentioned yet thoroughly misguided notion that education is all about poverty reduction and material progress. It calls also for the conceptualising – and then the organising and provision of – job-related preparation as Professional, Technical and Vocational Training. And PTVT must always be quarantined from that fundamental social good to which all young persons worldwide are entitled, for education and training are as different as are chalkboards and cheeseboards. These papers and articles have been applauded at conferences and circulated worldwide. Their compilation facilitates the vital and very separate battles for (a) high-status and targeted training and (b) pleasurable and fulfilling education, in the expectation that their scrutiny will be (a) valuable and (b)...
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