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The Role of National Culture in Professional Life   Iryna Khrabrova and Karen Sanzo

The Role of National Culture in Professional Life

148 страниц. 2013 год.
Scholars' Press
The ongoing internationalization of American higher education has spurred a growing interest in how foreign-born faculty contribute to global issues in education within curriculum, increase cultural diversity of campus life, or serve as community resources without compromising their cultural values and beliefs to the demands of teaching and research. This book draws on the conceptual framework of G. Hofstede (2001) for assessing cultures in workplace. It provides a discussion of the current standing of foreign-born faculty in U.S educational leadership preparation programs. The exposure to the educational leadership faculty with a culturally diverse background can contribute to the preparation of school leaders equipped with multicultural competencies. The book offers cultural insights that can be important for university administrators and educational policy makers in better understanding the thinking and impact foreign-born faculty have on U.S institutions of higher education and...
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