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A Diagnostic Study:VIII Standard Students in Geometrical Concepts   Vijay Bhaskar

A Diagnostic Study:VIII Standard Students in Geometrical Concepts

136 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Through education, man tries to seek new ideas and new ways of life. It is again through education that man promotes his intelligence and adds his knowledge with which he can move the world for good or evil according to his wishes. His life in the complex world is governed not only by the biological process but also by the social process. Education in fact, is one of the major "Life-Process" of the human individual. The study of Geometry in India probably owes its origin to the study of some physical problems like laying of roads, construction of houses, planning of township by ancient civilization, construction of altars of Yagns etc. The present study aims at investigating the errors committed by VIII class students in GEOMETRICAL CONCEPTS. The study specially attempts to answer the following aspects. The present investigation is only confined to a few selected schools situated in Nellore district. It is suggested that a study covering a large sample of schools may be undertaken and...
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