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White Board, Fields White For Harvest   Bee Bee Sng

White Board, Fields White For Harvest

104 страниц. 2013 год.
Blessed Hope Publishing
This book traces the journey of a teacher starting with her understanding of her calling to be a teacher and how that impacts the lives of students she touches. This inner purpose grows stronger as she witnesses how the lives of her students are transformed as she yields her own life, career and students to the Lord. This book is a testimony of how a teacher can rise above the pressure of work, students and parents, and live a life that counts for God. It depicts the living stories and expositions of teachers who co-authored this book and tells of the importance of the basic tenets of faith for teachers, such as intercession, faith and surrender to God. These teachers’ narratives show the eternal rewards that come with living and teaching from within, seeking and trusting God and being transformed by Him. It is hoped that these life stories will be an encouragement to teachers, and a transformation to their lives and career.
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