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Legacy of the Dog: The Ultimate Illustrated Guide to Over 200 Breeds   Tetsu Yamazaki

Legacy of the Dog: The Ultimate Illustrated Guide to Over 200 Breeds

220x290 344 страниц. 1995 год.
Chronicle Books
"Legacy of the Dog" is the finest photographic guide to dogs ever assembled. Over 200 dog breeds are dramatically presented in more than 900 images by Tetsu Yamazaki, whose superb work also appeared in the best-selling volume Legacy of the Cat. Page after page of stunning portraits offers a glimpse of prize-winning dogs of all shapes, sizes, and colors - from the beloved golden retriever to the spirited Scottish terrier and the classic weimaraner. All 134 breeds currently recognized by the American Kennel Club are included, as well as a variety of breeds rarely seen outside their homelands. With its uncanny eye for canine excellence, here is a unique compendium of the world's dogs, in all their majesty and charm. This thoroughly engaging and informative book begins with a history of the dog and a discussion of the various dog groups - herding, working, sporting, hound, terrier, toy, and non-sporting breeds - followed by extensive studies of their various features, including eyes,...
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