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Job Satisfaction of College Teachers   Gurinder Kaur and Gursharan Singh Kainth

Job Satisfaction of College Teachers

388 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Undoubtedly, teacher occupies an important place in the development of the nation. The social well-being and growth of pupils depends to a great extent on the enthusiasm, efficiency and professional skills of the teachers. The future of education, its quality and ideals depend upon how and by whom young persons are educated. True enough, a large number of teachers of the present day have no interest in their profession. They continue in the profession only as mechanical wage earners. Lack of recognition of the teachers in our country is a very sore point. The significance of the role of the teacher is hardly recognized, though it has become a fashion to observe the Teachers Day. We always expect a lot from teachers who have little power and alarmingly meager facilities and resources to avail. The net result is a widespread dissatisfaction in the teaching profession as a whole. Many seem to repent over their wrong choice and would be, too, willing to change their job.Therefore, the...
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