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The Teaching and Learning of ICT at Primary School Level in Mauritius   Vikashkumar Jhurree

The Teaching and Learning of ICT at Primary School Level in Mauritius

372 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Mauritius saw the introduction of ICT as a subject in all primary schools in 2003. As a consequence, ICT teachers were recruited, trained and posted in schools. At that time, the necessary ICT infrastructure in schools was inadequate and teacher support materials were almost non-existent. The situation stirred an outcry on the part of parents and disillusionment among ICT teachers. There was a common belief that children were turning away from computers and that there was a rampant dislike for ICT as a subject in schools. Among this hurly burly, no one seemed to have paid enough attention to what the pupils had to say about their learning experiences in the ICT classroom. This book is based on a study conducted to understand and offer explanations for primary pupils’ perceptions of their ICT classroom environment, their attitudes towards it and their motivation to follow the ICT class. The effect of ICT teachers’ job satisfaction on pupils’ perceptions, attitudes and motivation has...
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