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Motivation and Instructional Activities   Sevda Balaman Ucar

Motivation and Instructional Activities

108 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Motivation is always seen as an important concept in second language learning, since the success of a student in language learning largely depends on whether he/she is motivated properly. However, students might hold different motivational styles and accordingly they might be differentially receptive to certain methods and activities. In fact, there is a logical connection between motivation and activity preferences since the more students are motivated, the more they will presumably engage in those activities. But this relationship has not yet been adequately confirmed. Therefore, this book provides a new insight into the field by indicating the results of a study conducted in the Turkish context. The findings confirm that these two concepts are related to each other in learning a foreign language. The resulting information aims at teachers who have critical roles in recognizing the roots of motivation to water these roots by designing effective classroom activities that are...
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