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The Role of Women Household Heads on Food Security   Robell Damtie and Fentay Misganaw

The Role of Women Household Heads on Food Security

124 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Female headed households play an essential role in food security of household as producers, purchasers, providers and processors of food than male heads do. Male and female seem to have an equal participation in farm production activities: planting, weeding, threshing, transporting and storing. Besides, collecting fire woods, fetching water and grinding grain have been found to b means of ensuring food security, for many female household heads’ time is spent by these daily routine activities while their involvement in other income generating activities is constrained by different sociocultural activities, that is why Sheblel Berenta women headed household are food insecure in a region which is believed to be a bread basket.
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