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An Assessment of Possible Conflict Between Church and State   Bernadette Netsai Chabongora

An Assessment of Possible Conflict Between Church and State

372 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The study sought to investigate possible conflict in the relationship between Church and State in the administration of Catholic secondary schools in Zimbabwe. For the sample, twenty-four randomly selected catholic secondary schools countrywide were used. The total number of respondents was 214 out of 260. Questionnaires and structured interviews were used for data collection. The data were examined and analyzed using frequency tables. The major findings of the study established that conflict between Church and State in education has a long history and cuts across all cultures. The degree of conflict is not static but varies from one country to another and with time. In Zimbabwe, conflict was found to exist in areas of staffing, promotions, curriculum and decision making. The State has more power in all the areas of administration in secondary schools. Church and State are in partnership, though the terms are not written down. The Church wants a greater say in decision making....
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