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Student Prosocial Behavior in Selected Elementary Classrooms   Janet Fisher

Student Prosocial Behavior in Selected Elementary Classrooms

216 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Many teachers struggle with the challenge of managing student behavior in today's classrooms. Government mandates may require that students be placed in the "least restrictive environment" and this includes the general education classroom for the majority of students with special education eligibilities. Teachers who are very experienced in their area of concentrated study, however, may feel inadequate in working effectively with behaviorally challenged students. In fact, almost half of today's teachers will leave the teaching field within the first five years of their career citing classroom management as one of their major grievances. This book provides a researched and systematic approach to classroom management that can be understood and utilized by all teachers. Both general and special education teachers will benefit from the time-tested principles of positive behavior supports to dramatically change the climate of the classroom to a relational, inviting and learning...
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