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Understanding Gender Differences on Standardized History Assessments   Michelle Davidson Ungurait

Understanding Gender Differences on Standardized History Assessments

268 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
The Texas Education Agency’s Social Studies Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills results show an achievement gap between males and females for every criterion from 2003-2007. The Texas results mimic a gender gap reported by College Board Texas AP U.S. history exams and the 2006 National Assessment of Education Programs United States assessment for 8th and 12th graders. Literature and education research outline the background of history education programs, social studies assessment programs, and different theoretical frameworks regarding male and female learning. A Transformative Sequential Mixed Method/Model Design was used for this study. Findings show both female and male students believe the teacher to be in complete control of student learning; whereas administrators and teachers find the teacher to be a recipient of the pressures from the statewide accountability and external influences. Female students are shaped by the influences of their outside life and find the subject...
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