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Teaching chemistry through information processing model   Bhim Chandra Mondal

Teaching chemistry through information processing model

132 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Teaching may become meaningless and ineffective if students fail to develop proper concept in his subject. Therefore it became necessary to select proper approaches of teaching. In traditional system the child is rarely allowed to formulate his own concepts and test them out. Students are fed mainly with the product of the information according to the will of the teacher. The information processing models of teaching are the innovative practices have drawn the attention of education researchers and teachers since last few years. These model provides teaching strategies that are based on dependable theories about ‘how people learn’ , ‘grow’ and ‘develop’. This book introduced the researcher with a variety of well-developed information processing models for the teaching of different subjects in Chapter I. The problem specifically identified in chapter II, the setting of objectives , assumptions etc. of the study is given in Chapter III, instructional materials and tools concerned are...
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