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Show Dogs   Kate Lacey

Show Dogs

165x235 112 страниц. 2010 год.
Evil Twin Publications
The American Kennel Club recognizes over 160 breeds of dogs in seven categories: Hound, Working, Sporting, Non-sporting, Terrier, Toy and Herding. Thousands of Americans own purebred show dogs, and year round, local kennel clubs host events at which judges evaluate how closely individual dogs conform to breed standard. Ribbons and trophies are bestowed and points are accumulated. The penultimate event in a show dog s life is Westminster held in New York every year since 1877 which attracts hordes of visitors and an international media bonanza. In 2005 Life magazine assigned photographer Kate Lacey to cover Westminster. She decided that instead of documenting the scene, she would rig up a seamless backdrop to make elegant portraits, much as Richard Avedon once captured glamorous celebrities. Though partial to poodle mutt mixes herself, on this assignment Kate became entranced by show dogs, and their exquisite grooming and acclimatization to attention made them ready subjects. After the...
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