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Simulation and Teachers Training   Anamika Lenka and Samir Kumar Lenka

Simulation and Teachers Training

152 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The national development is based on the system of education which communicates to its youth and children. Quality teachers can give a right path to youth. In India the basic tenure of the system of education has been constantly changing. We have seen the birth and death of many new ideas in education after independence. The failure of one idea led to another and yet another. New ideas planted hurriedly on the unprepared ground do not serve any purpose. Hence the necessity of teachers to play key role to properly educate the students. The values of society can be developing by the education and it is only possible when teachers have themselves faith in the values. Consequently training of teachers must be well defined and effective in all respects. So, for this purposes various techniques, methods and models of teaching should be planed and implemented to maximize both teaching and training.
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