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Rela: A Book of Ideas   Christian F. Puglisi

Rela: A Book of Ideas

195x275 448 страниц. 2014 год.
Ten Speed Press
Chef Christian F. Puglisi opened restaurant RelAE in 2010 on a rough, run-down stretch of one of Copenhagen's most crime-ridden streets. His goal was simple: to serve impeccable, intelligent, sustainable, and plant-centric food of the highest quality - in a setting that was devoid of the pretention and frills of conventional high-end restaurant dining. RelAE was an immediate hit, and Puglisi's "to the bone" ethos - which emphasized innovative, substantive cooking over crisp white tablecloths or legions of water-pouring, napkin-folding waiters-became a rallying cry for chefs around the world. Today the JAEgersborggade - where RelAE and its more casual sister restaurant, Manfreds, are located - is one of Copenhagen's most vibrant and exciting streets. And Puglisi continues to excite and surprise diners with his genre-defying, wildly inventive cooking. RelAE is Puglisi's much-anticipated debut: like his restaurants, the book is honest, unconventional, and challenges our expectations of...
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