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Call: Use of Software and Analysis of Student's and Teacher's Responses   K. V. Madhavi Reddy and E. Suresh Kumar

Call: Use of Software and Analysis of Student's and Teacher's Responses

188 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
The book aimed at knowing the perceptions of learners as well as the teachers who are new to CALL. The students were made to learn listening skills, speaking skills, reading skills, writing skills, pronunciation, skills, grammar and vocabulary not only through textbooks but also with a computer and internet facility. The learners as well as teachers had to go through different language software for learning and teaching effective English. The study noted that CALL has been successful in retaining the attention of the learners as well as teachers. It has widened its scope in making the engineering students compete with the foreign students in pursuing further studies as well as face the interviews with confidence. The impact of Computer Assisted Language Learning in teaching and learning of English was investigated with the help of a structured questionnaire that studied the perceptions of the sample learners and sample teachers in terms of efficacy of suggested software to learn and...
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