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Professional Aspirations and Career Building Counseling   Otilia Sanda Bersan

Professional Aspirations and Career Building Counseling

64 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The act of counseling and school and professional guidance always had the objective of "matching people with jobs" within a liberal model of market economy, together with consideration of individuals with the skills, abilities and their conceptions of self and work (Super, 1987). With all the individual psychological diversity, different depending on the structures and social hierarchy in which they live and on the particular way of interpreting the world through images, information, messages etc. which are given and interpreted by significant people and social institutions that have the authority to do it (school, public administration etc.), career building requires certain rules and general norms. Pedagogical career counseling represents all the activities of guidance, support and orientation of individuals, focused on the following aspects: a) realistic self-knowledge; b) knowledge of the world of professions and occupations c) empowerment d) possibility to change options if...
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