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Tales of an Eagle   Glen Michael Millard

Tales of an Eagle

296 страниц. 2014 год.
Blessed Hope Publishing
Life is a pilgrimage, a journey, this is a story of one individual and how he was touched by God. It is a story from rural Iowa to the U.S. Navy, to college, to marriage and a family, to widowhood, to single parent, to seminarian, to priest. It has several funny stories and many individuals that have intertwined with his life. It also has several serious moments and a few spiritual experiences. The symbol of the eagle is how God chose to talk to him in a very loud way. His wife was touched with the sign of a cardinal so naturally he asked for a more dominant bird to represent him. This is a very easy read and hopefully the reader will get one thing out of this book on their journey to heaven. God no doubt has a sense of humor in choosing me to be one of his shepherds.
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