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Internal Efficiency and Public Secondary School Financing   Jemimah Mutia and Loise Gichuhi

Internal Efficiency and Public Secondary School Financing

92 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Quality education is an important ingredient for the development of a country. Cost of education hampers access to, and maintaining education of good quality especially in dry and poverty prone areas of Kenya. For quality education outcomes, adequate and timely education funds must be provided.This book is a snap shot of findings and difficulties faced by both schools and parents in trying to provide quality education. Educators and planners can use this book to try and understand the dynamics of offering education in an area that poverty levels may interfere with education-self-financing and options that can be useful in mitigating low levels of education . The findings of the case study strengthens the case for adequate and timely government funding and especially the one that can target the poor.
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