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Adolescents and HIV/AIDS prevention programmes in Mthatha   Neziwe Mbebe- Mapangwana

Adolescents and HIV/AIDS prevention programmes in Mthatha

184 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Today HIV/AIDS rank as one of the most devastating health and social calamity of our time. South Africa has the highest number of HIV/AIDS infected persons in the world. And so is the Eastern Cape Province. Knowledge is one of the primary socializing agents in the society that can help in the reduction of the spread of HIV/AIDS. Because Eastern Cape has a poor rural back ground, the focus of this book will be on introducing the people of this region to the dangers of the pandemic as well as on how as a consequence of sexuality education. The management of the pandemic to a limited level of spread and contraction with intent to bring the scourge of HIV/AIDS to cessation will be brought to the fore.
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