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Agriculture Projects Offered For Examinations In Secondary Education:   Martha K. Nyang'au

Agriculture Projects Offered For Examinations In Secondary Education:

92 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Agriculture projects were introduced in Secondary Education examinations in 1989 to equip learners with basic skills for self-reliance. However, the primary objective is often down played. The initiation and implementation of the projects might be poor since schools struggle to exploit the examination process at the expense of equipping learners with the practical skills; hence there is need for improvement. It is recommended that the Ministry of Education should organize regular workshops to develop and sustain the positive perceptions of school principals and agriculture teachers towards factors influencing project initiation and implementation. And to encourage co-operation among them during initiation. Further, the Ministry, should incorporate in the training curriculum for agriculture educators the factors perceived to be influencing the projects. School principals, and possibly Board of Governors should provide financial resources to improve and sustain positive perceptions of...
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