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Predicting and Combating Mine Roadways Deformation   Radhe Krishna

Predicting and Combating Mine Roadways Deformation

216 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Over the past twenty five years the use of physical models have developed into a mature subject. However, there is a great deal of room for development, innovation and improvement in almost every aspect of this subject and it is a field which will continue to provide exciting challenges for many years to come. The purpose of physical or “realistic” model is to simulate, in the laboratory, the behaviour of the full-scale prototype. Careful selection of model materials and loading methods allows the observation and measurement of not just realistic behaviour, but also plastic deformation, viscous flow, and fracture. Physical models are in use in many disciplines, for example in civil engineering in the construction of dams, rock slopes, aircraft industry, mining engineering in the study of underground excavation and subsequently deformation produced at various stages of excavations. When properly designed and constructed, the physical model can be a valuable aid to design. The...
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