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Phytoceutics and Nutraceutics - Enriching Modern Therapy   Dipti Sawant

Phytoceutics and Nutraceutics - Enriching Modern Therapy

376 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Ayurveda concept is very similar to modern concept of hyperlipidemia and few Indian medicinal plants are known to have lipid-lowering property. Hyperlipidemia, is associated with increased platelet-dependent thrombin generation leading to hypercoagulation and hence is a risk factor for CAD. In the present study, the effect of select Indian medicinal plants on lipid metabolism have been studied with special emphasis on their anti-platelet ability. Even isoflavones, has projected soya to the status of a promising nutraceutical with significant health benefits. The effect of combination of soya protein and oats has been evaluated the first time in this study. The findings of the study have laid down a foundation for future therapeutic agents for the management of hyperlipidemia. Number of novel findings have emerged in this study which has been summarized in this book and can be used as a reference method. This book will be an asset to students, researchers, academic professionals who...
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