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An Anthropological Study on NGOs Health Services   Anadi Kumar Bhattacharjee

An Anthropological Study on NGOs Health Services

60 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In this internship course I have worked in SSKS Smiling Sun Clinic, Uposhahor, Sylhet, Bangladesh. The duration of this course was just two months. In this paper is the total representation of the activities I did here. Especially it’s focus on the health services of Bangladesh. What kinds of primary health care services are provided by the SSKS with the help of USAID. The overall scenario of the health services can find out from here. More or less this paper focused on the maternity health care, family planning methods, child health care, general disease etc. Also it does provide a proper understanding about the program evaluation. Actually it’s the total representation of all the applied anthropological knowledge in the practical field. Also it’s narrate how the NGOs activities ruining in Bangladesh. What is the main policy of the donors. How the SSKS service goes to the poor people. What are the outcome of these services etc. Also specific program evaluation methods and approach...
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