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Effect of Merger on Financial Performance of Corporate Sector in India   Vijay Vyas

Effect of Merger on Financial Performance of Corporate Sector in India

324 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Since last two decades or so, the global business world had been redesigned by the forces of globalization, privatization, liberalization and technical development. Companies have adopted competitive pressures by way of mergers, acquisitions and demergers. Under different dynamic situation profitable growth of business can be achieved successfully if as a strategic tool merger is adopted. M&A provides opportunities for companies to increase wealth of shareholders. The book has been divided in six chapters. The First section deals with the concept and introduction of M&A, the second chapter is exclusively devoted to conceptual framework of M&A, the third chapter tells all about review of literature based on study conducted in India and abroad in different countries. The fourth chapter portrays about research methodology, financial and statistical techniques for data analysis. The fifth covers analysis of selected mergers of 56 different companies including HUL, TATA coffee Ltd.,...
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