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Critical Thinking Skills in Mathematics   Harish G. C.

Critical Thinking Skills in Mathematics

176 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Thinking is the most precious cognitive ability with which man is elevated among all animal.Thinking has several kinds and each kind has several components.This book has given a clear analysis of the different kinds of thinking and focuses on the Impact of Critical Thinking Skills on achievement in Mathematics at secondary school.Critical Thinking Skills in mathematics is the ability and disposition to incorporate prior knowledge,mathematical reasoning and cognitive strategies to generalise,prove or evaluate unfamiliar mathematical situations in a classroom for reflective manner.Students must be stimulated to think critically on their own to resolve dilemmas,take stands on issues,judge propositions about knowledge or ideas at school level.Successful mathematics teaching and learning process involves practice of critical thinking skills through Mathematics.The mathematics teacher should make sincere and consistent effort in acquiring and developing abilities and skills by learners in...
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