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Personality Patterns And Job Satisfaction   Jasim Ahmad

Personality Patterns And Job Satisfaction

152 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The function of school teachers is to develop and shape the personality of children and thereby create a society which fulfills the aspirations of people and meet the prevailing and future demands of it.Teaching is a noble job and social service of highest value and dignity.For making justice and honesty to this service, teachers themselves require to be of high morality and having good personality characteristics so that they can provide new generation a clean and highly reflective mirror to see their images in it.On the other hand, it is required that the administration and management provide ample social, moral and financial support to the teachers so that they can enjoy social status and thereby this job give them the highest level of satisfaction.This book discusses personality patterns and job satisfaction of school teachers based on the findings of the research done by the author.It also talks about the various attributes of personality type A, B, and AB and puts light on the...
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