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Didactic Pedagogic Glossary   Osmany Aguilera Aguilera,Frank R. Miller and Ladys Y. Escalona G.

Didactic Pedagogic Glossary

248 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This glossary is the product of the authors’ personal teaching and research experience, as well as reflection on that experience, after more than twenty-five years devoted to the direction of the teaching-learning process of English as a foreign language. So, the meaning of each term is based both, on a practical pedagogy and on the quest carried out while studying a great number of textbooks related to Methodology of Foreign Language Teaching and Learning. The glossary is intended mainly for teachers of English as a foreign language and for teachers-to-be, that is, students from the Pedagogical Universisty, belonging to English Language Specialty. This may be very useful, particularly to those who, under the new condictions within the process of Universalization of Higher Pedagagical Education, are developing their university studies in all the municipalities throughout our country.
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