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The museums of education as fields of cultural management   Maria Drakaki

The museums of education as fields of cultural management

108 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The dialogue and convergence of historical sciences,educational sciences and cultural studies is therefore necessary so that thematic museums that appear rapidly in Greece claiming the title of a museum of education or literacy,bearing various names can seek new contemporary directions and fruitfully connect the past with the present and the future of education...They need to set perspectives on modern issues of education, to open to society without succumbing to dominant policies relating to education. They should become areas of experimentation related to the present and be evolvable...it would be fruitful if these museums were addressed by the state through a systematic approach that will submit them to strategic planning with cohesive cultural management principles,will identify distinctive roles and areas of research, possible specialization in theoretical education fields defining degrees of control and certification by a multidisciplinary management authority....
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