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Adolescent's knowledge regarding puberty & related issues   Payal Mahajan

Adolescent's knowledge regarding puberty & related issues

56 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In India, it has been found that majority of the parents marry off their daughters in their adolescence. Moreover, until recently, India had one of the lowest female literacy rates in the world. (Census, 1981). All these factors considered together imply that in many parts of India a large number of young girls with low literacy levels get married during their early adolescence. Their lack of adequate knowledge about sexual matters and contraception results in early pregnancies and sexual disharmony.Adolescents in rural areas may face trouble due to lack of right kind of information regarding their own physical and or sexual developments. The need to address this problem through health education by health professionals needs to be ascertained. There is a need to teach adolescents about their body organs and their functions since ignorance perpetuates myths and mis- belief.
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