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Enhancing Teacher's Decision-Making Through Cases   Eid Ali

Enhancing Teacher's Decision-Making Through Cases

152 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Case-based method is a new method of instruction in the field of education, but not in the fields of law, business or medicine. Also, methods of using cases and evaluating their effects have not been thoroughly developed or reflected upon. Thus, introducing the case-based method in the educational system in many countries through designing new curricula and programs would be a step forward towards the recent educational reform that these countries are seeking to achieve. Moreover, the case- based method would be such a device that not only allows the prospective teachers to know the theories but also to practice and apply these theories and techniques in the classroom .. Finally , it is hoped that the case –method would help novice teachers to better manage their classrooms so that the chance of having a better learning environment can increase ,accordingly.
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