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Role performance of female headteachers   Everlyn Omondi

Role performance of female headteachers

132 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The quality of management of schools continues to be a major concern of the government of Kenya. Most headteachers irrespective of their formal training encounter administration constraints in performing their roles effectively. It is generally perceived that schools administered by women experience problems due to their inefficiency, incompetence, poor human relations and gender.This leads to the question:Is this the reason why there is under-representative of female headteachers in Primary schools in Bondo County, Kenya? This book will be useful to supervisory and quality assurance personnel,teachers service commission and stakeholders in education.Teachers training colleges will also find the book significant when instructing the teacher trainees,some of whom may eventually become headteachers.The teacher trainees will be able to gain knowledge on the roles by the headteacher and what is expected of them in order to enhance learning and teaching in schools.
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