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Perception of University Students on Lecture Technique   Om Prakash Gautam

Perception of University Students on Lecture Technique

116 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
What do the students want from the teachers and lecturers? How can I promote rapidly in teaching-learning profession? This work is an attempt to co-operate the academicians who are linked or concerned with the education and in the field of teaching-learning; especially in English Education. It can be a best companion to the students, teachers, lecturers, researchers as well as language trainers, instructors etc to increase and improve their competence and performance level in the teaching-learning task by getting effective methods and techniques. Although many approaches, theories, methods, techniques etc have been emerging in the field of pedagogical strategy; we are still being unable to satisfy the learners or students and to take out the best or expected outcome. As a whole, this work will be on hand companion for all the academicians. Education is the foundation to strengthen the inherent competence and put out it into performance and achieving the best outcome one is born...
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