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Teachers Role on Students Achievement in Secondary Schools   Putha Harinath

Teachers Role on Students Achievement in Secondary Schools

180 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The teacher has to play his role in a suitable manner. He has to plan his teaching work based on his year plan, unit plan and lesson plans organize it by selecting suitable methods and appropriate aids carry on the teaching as planned and evaluate the learning out comes after teaching. He has to diagnose the students difficulties and provide for remedial teaching. He should complete the syllabus intime and revise it. He should give regular homework and correct it. Student participation in teaching-learning process is to be ensured. There is a need for the adoption of co-operative methods. Special attention is to be provided towards under achievers, and organize supervised study. It would be better to correct the answer scripts before them, only as it helps the students to know their deficiencies. All these measures influence the achievement of students. If the teacher performs these activities, it results in better student achievement, specially at the secondary school stage. There is...
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