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Albania Participation In Pisa 2009   Alfons Harizaj

Albania Participation In Pisa 2009

64 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The paper presents a view of the results of Albania in the Programme for International Students’ Assessments 2009 (PISA 2009) and progress of it from previous cycles. Because PISA has a real-life focus and involves students applying what they know and can do, it is an important indicator to know how effective educational policies are. Pisa provides data which can be used by governments as well as teachers, students, schools, parents and other education professionals to debate the strengths and weaknesses of their schools and their education systems in relation to those of other countries. A comparison in these paper of these statistics with those of other PISA participants in the Albanian region provides a real picture of the situation. The Albania has increasingly sought to promote the use of external standard assessment for steering education, with an increasing reference to PISA results.
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