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Teaching of Writing In a Kenyan Secondary School   Clement Eyinda

Teaching of Writing In a Kenyan Secondary School

100 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This study sought to find out how writing skill is taught in an ESL classroom in a public School in Kenya. The study adopted qualitative approach. The research participants were three English teachers and eighteen form two students. The study used interviews, observations, and document analysis to collect data. The findings indicate that although teachers use a variety of activities in their writing lessons, most of them give them an overwhelming control of the class proceedings. The study also reports that teachers face challenges such as lack of knowledge, skills and interest to teach writing, lack of learners’ interest in writing, large classes and inadequate resources. However, teachers exploit remedial lessons, learners’ experiences, writing based clubs and library to enable them teach writing. The study recommends that teachers should explore the use of a variety of learner-centered activities such as peer editing, role play and group discussion. Teacher educators need to...
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