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Mock Examination as Predictor of West African Examination Results   Adesina Odufowokan

Mock Examination as Predictor of West African Examination Results

68 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
For education to prepare Nigerian youths for life, the alarming rate at which students fail the WASSCE examination every year should be seriously addressed. The situation demands urgent attention amongst others to really encourage students to prepare well for both internal (MOCK) and external (WASSCE) examination. Students have stayed six years (6-3-3-4) attempting at various times teachers made tests through continuous assessment and end -of-term examination called mock examination.Teachers should be bold enough to say accurately when students are ready and prepared for the final examination, hence the common question that always comes to mind will be `to what extent can the scores obtained in mock examination be used to predict the final WASSCE examination result`. It is a rude shock to found students that have passed Mock Examination fail the Final WASSCE Examination. This has been a matter of concern to researchers, educationists and other stakeholders in education. The main...
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