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The Contribution of Vocational Trainings to Employment   Molla Jember

The Contribution of Vocational Trainings to Employment

108 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Abject poverty and rampant unemployment are the two endemic social evils that bind all developing countries in general and Ethiopia in particular hand and foot. It is ridiculous to find such a high and growing level of unemployment in a country where there is serious shortage of skilled human power. Unemployment of the educated person is a matter of serious concern to policy makers and human power planners. Unemployment of secondary school-leavers in particular has become a threat to economic and social stability. In the very early stage of educational development people with a few years of schooling find it relatively easier to obtain jobs in the modern sector. As outputs of the schools continue to grow, however, job opportunities are no longer commensurate with this growth. This challenge is not only limited to secondary school leavers but also college and university graduates become the victim of this social ill.
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