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Becoming a teacher   Ondrej Suchan

Becoming a teacher

100 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This work takes a closer look at the aspects that influence the process of becoming a teacher from the perspective of men. It focuses on general factors such as the personality of a teacher and the teaching profession. It discusses the importance of a teacher’s personality and its development. Furthermore, it gives a description of the teaching profession, its demands and requirements, and its different phases. Next, it proceeds to a more specific issue which is the position of men in education. Furthermore, it describes teachers of foreign languages as a specific group of experts. Finally, five male teachers at different stages of their careers are interviewed. They are asked about specific aspects that influence the process of becoming a teacher. At the end of the work my own concept of a good teacher is introduced. The book may be found useful by teachers of all ages or anyone who is interested in becoming a teacher as it tries to follow the whole career path of a teacher and to...
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