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Developing vocational skills of youths with incomplete schooling   Robert Jjuuko

Developing vocational skills of youths with incomplete schooling

344 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Education is an entitlement with a powerful multiplier effect. It enables individuals to develop capabilities to claim, exercise and enjoy other entitlements. One of these entitlements is work which is both an end and a means out of poverty. In many countries, some population groups are deprived of the opportunities to fully access education and work. Youths with incomplete schooling in Uganda is an example of such marginalized groups. In 2010, a qualitative case study was undertaken to understand how vocational education and training is developing their capabilities to work. The study among other objectives attempted to explore, analyze and document the lived experiences of learners and graduates of a private vocational training centre. Primary data were collected using non-structured interviews, document analysis and simple observation. The conceptual framework is partly based on relevant concepts drawn from three theoretical perspectives namely the capability approach, human...
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