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Urban Migration and Its Effects   Amitav Kumar Kundu

Urban Migration and Its Effects

96 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Urban migration in now germane subject for any LDC’s countries. People move into cities to seek economic opportunities. A major contributing factor is known as "rural flight". Cities, in contrast, are known to be places where money, services and wealth are centralized. Cities are where fortunes are made and where social mobility is possible. This paper analyzes unemployment and underemployment in a country of LDCs within a qualitative adjustment framework. Four extensions it has been made including allowances for more generalized job-search behavior, why people force to migrate, Difficulty of adaptation and adjustment with the city and Survival strategies of the migrants. The result of these modifications is a much lower predicted unemployment rate, which accords more closely with actual observations. Some additional policy implications deriving from the analysis are noted
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