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Technical Writing and Communication Skills for Professional Students   J. B. Rajesh

Technical Writing and Communication Skills for Professional Students

120 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
English has often been referred as a global language. It has become a necessity in higher education especially in technical and scientific education to ensure quality in technical writing and in communication skills. Not only to pursue higher studies but also for getting coveted jobs must one know the good English. Need of the hour is to bring out something which can help in this regard. This book is a humble effort to achieve the above objective especially designed for the post graduate students of Agriculture,Veterinary and other professional courses. I am grateful to Dr. Aparna, Course Coordinator on Refresher Training Course on Communication Skills and Technical Writing held at CCS HAU and to Dr. A. K. Bhatnagar for the enthusiasm they created in me. I am very much thankful to the authors of all publications cited in reference which form the base of this book. I took some of the example from these publications since the quality is very high.I am obliged to Mr. P. B. Biju for...
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