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The place of creativity in Pakistani Primary Education System   Robina Shaheen

The place of creativity in Pakistani Primary Education System

448 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book is about how the subject of creativity has been dealt with in education. The book starts with a review of existing literature into the relationship between creativity and education, importance of creativity at the society and individual level followed by what is actually meant by the word. This is followed by methods used currently to develop and assess creativity. With a background set the book then moves onto the methods used and findings of a large scale study conducted in Pakistan. In this the research takes a systemic look at the concept and how it is viewed in educational policy, translated into curriculum, textbooks and teaching practice. Finally to identify the impact of the system on children’s creativity the results obtained from administering the creativity test, Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking are discussed. This is followed by implications and recommendations for improving the Pakistani education system which would support in developing children's creativity.
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