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Leadership Effectiveness of School Principals in the Amhara Region   Tadesse Melesse Merawi

Leadership Effectiveness of School Principals in the Amhara Region

128 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
It is through effective leadership that all round education in schools prevailed. Studies in our country have indicated there is a significant weakness in leadership especially at the levels of woredas and schools. School leaders should be effective in terms of leadership functions, skills, styles and leadership qualities. Successful school leaders can make a difference in school and student performance. Due to this, it is said "the school seems its leaders." However, the know-how and interest of most primary school leaders in the region to lead their schools and to make their students more productive was not significant due to a number of hampering factors. Therefore, this study tried to investigate the main problems school leaders have in their leadership effectiveness and forwarded possible suggestions that enable them more effective in their leadership and play their role for quality education.
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