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Illiteracy and Unemployment in Zambia   Lawrence Malubila

Illiteracy and Unemployment in Zambia

68 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The monograph examines the causes of youth unemployment in Lusaka District. It specifically focuses on the relationship between illiteracy and youth unemployment in Lusaka. Key in the book is the revelation that most of the unemployed youths have been to school but are unable to read and write in at least two Zambian Languages. Sad enough, they do not have skills that are required by employers. Another issue tackled in detail in the monograph is non-availability rapid population growth, nepotism and tribalism. Moreover, youth unemployment leads to increased crime rate, prostitution, alcoholism, drug and substance abuse, premature deaths, begging and vending on the streets. The author implores the Zambian government and other key stakeholders to work together and create more skills training centres, support entrepreneurship, enhance accountability and create effective information circulation networks. This book is beneficial to the government, individuals and pressure groups interested...
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