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The Role of School Leaders in Addressing Gender Issues   Margaret Righa

The Role of School Leaders in Addressing Gender Issues

100 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
School leaders play a crucial role in addressing gender issues in schools. Despite this widely accepted fact, very little is known about how school leaders perform this crucial role. This text therefore is based on a research that was conducted in East Africa to find out how school leaders address learner –related gender issues. This is a well researched, academically robust text that provides an in-depth understanding of the gender issues that affect learners as well as how they are addressed by the school leaders. Furthermore, the text provides practical implications for school leaders and policy makers based on the findings. The text is based on an in-depth literature review which ensured a comprehensive coverage of the topic. The book has well structured, coherent chapters for easy understanding of the text. This text is suitable for leaders in colleges, schools, NGO personnel, parents as well as for students pursuing studies in gender. Teachers teaching social studies and gender...
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