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Pharmacognostic Studies on Papilionaceae   Subhash Deokule

Pharmacognostic Studies on Papilionaceae

220 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The book gives an account of the pharmacognostic studies on eleven genera and three market samples of the family Papilionaceae. The present attempts have been made to investigate and establish the status of this family which will be helpful in further studies and these plants will find their use for utilization in different ailments. It illustrates macroscopical and microscopical characters of different plant parts, quantitative microscopy of leaf drugs, histochemistry for detection of localized chemical constituents in various tissues and phytochemical account. In the present investigation the alkaloids and glycosides present in some drugs were detected quantitatively but they are not characterized by all the means, because of unavailability of respective authentic samples. In some cases, investigation is supported by IR and NMR techniques. The whole studies emphasize the concepts in a concise and systematic manner to formulate a background and arouse interest among the readers. The...
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